Loss Of A Dream with Nettie Owens

Nettie Owens is a Founder, CEO, Mother, Wife, Entrepreneur, Coach, and an expert at helping people grow their businesses without feeling overwhelmed. But does it all go smoothly without any life-quakes? Of course not. Watch as she talks openly and honestly about the transitions in her life: from family to business and everything in between. Connect with Nettie at sapparigroup.com Download The 7 Phases to Navigating Life’s Transitions with Mindfulness, Grace & Self-Compassion at inntrospection.com/freeguide

Vacationing with Family & Finding Silver Linings

Welcome to August! August has moments of joy and great loss for me and I wanted to share my thoughts on how the two can coexist. Also, I recently went on vacation with my family and GUESS WHAT? We didn’t do everything together. Why and how did I do things alone while still having fun with my family? Watch and find out! Download The 7 Phases to Navigating Life’s Transitions with Mindfulness, Grace & Self-Compassion: www.inntrospection.com/freeguide

A Conversation with Sensei Victoria Whitfield

Sensei Victoria Whitfield is the creator of victoriawhitfield.com and natural intuition.com, and she helps entrepreneurs heal. Sensei is a word in Japanese that means ‘teacher’ and that is her role as your guide online: to teach you how to feel again, and how to truly love yourself while you’re at work. She sincerely believes that Entrepreneurs are the future. And she believes that Entrepreneurs need help getting and staying grounded, so they can serve more people and essentially, yes, save the freaking world. She also believes that Entrepreneurs are naturally sensitized to what they’re here to help others with. And that this natural sensitivity is popularly misunderstood as being “weak” or “weird” or “quirky” or “obsessive” or “pie-in-the-sky.” And when Entrepreneurs internalize this dysfunctional mindset, their sensitivities become their kryptonite: crippling stressors that overwhelm them, their teams, their communities, their families, and even their bank accounts. She knows this because she lived this and observed it happen firsthand.

What is freedom?

Today is day where most of us celebrate freedom. I believe we can’t celebrate freedom unless we are free from the emotions and grief that are holding us from living a joyful life. What is the lesson and the blessing inside the hard, sad, difficult “thing” that happened to us so we can move on with forgiveness, apologizes, and a feeling of calmness. Summer is full of gatherings. Gatherings can be very difficult for those grieving the loss of someone or something. How do I navigate? How do you navigate? Please comment and let me know what you think.

Happy Pride Month!

June is Pride Month. All people should be treated equally, regardless of who they are or who they love. We all love people in many different ways. There are many types of love.

One of the things going through my mind recently is how much each of us changes throughout time and that’s wonderful. We all go through life transitions that require us to rethink how we live our lies and how we want to see our future.

Watch or listen to hear more about what I mean.

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How Do You Feel About Mother’s Day?

Everyone has a Mother but what if your Mother, for whatever reason, isn’t in your life?

Today’s episode is a collection of ideas I have for you to honor your Mother; regardless of the emotions and memories you associate with her.

Each step has a different purpose and a different thought to take the time to reflect on your full relationship with your Mother.

What are your Mother’s Day memories?