Hi Amy,

Oh my gosh! It’s August already!

For many of us, August heralds the beginning of the end –– the end of long sunlit days, the heat of the summer, night after night of BBQs, and lots of family and friends’ get-togethers.

It also means the return to school for teachers and students alike.

It reminds me to:

Stay focused on the present moment.

Focus on the joy I get from watching the birds and animals in my backyard.

Appreciate each and every bite of farm fresh produce, the delicious sweet corn and tomatoes, the zucchini, and cucumbers. It is a time to feast on fresh tomatoes with basil from my garden, fresh mozzarella, and balsamic vinegar.

Savor and extend the season in every way for as long as possible.

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Until the next time, I love and appreciate you,

Amy 🩷🩵