Sensei Victoria Whitfield is the creator of and natural, and she helps entrepreneurs heal. Sensei is a word in Japanese that means ‘teacher’ and that is her role as your guide online: to teach you how to feel again, and how to truly love yourself while you’re at work. She sincerely believes that Entrepreneurs are the future. And she believes that Entrepreneurs need help getting and staying grounded, so they can serve more people and essentially, yes, save the freaking world. She also believes that Entrepreneurs are naturally sensitized to what they’re here to help others with. And that this natural sensitivity is popularly misunderstood as being “weak” or “weird” or “quirky” or “obsessive” or “pie-in-the-sky.” And when Entrepreneurs internalize this dysfunctional mindset, their sensitivities become their kryptonite: crippling stressors that overwhelm them, their teams, their communities, their families, and even their bank accounts. She knows this because she lived this and observed it happen firsthand.