Video Memoirs with Judy Seaman

As a video editor and storyteller, I love to help people shape their memories into meaningful video memoirs. While not all of my clients are dealing with memory issues, I find that reminiscing is an incredible tool for those who are. It’s also a path toward understanding one’s trajectory in life, and the important aspects of one’s life. The value of reminiscence increases as we age. The ability to recall and reflect helps older adults with their identity and self-confidence. Sharing memories with others, especially family members, provides a sense that one’s legacy will be preserved. Reminiscing may also protect against depression and loneliness. I’d love to encourage your listeners to carry a notebook and a pen with them wherever they go, and to take some time every day to sit quietly. If they have photographs or family movies, to spend some time looking at them and reflecting. Also, to think about the questions they never asked and wished they had. To ask themselves: what am I curious about? At some point, they will find a theme to explore. That’s where a video memoir creator can help!

Coping With Grief & Valentines Day

The “Hallmark Holiday” is coming up and it can bring up a lot of different emotions. I want to help you. I know that everyone grieves differently so I have some suggestions for you. Watch to learn how to make your own rules!

From Grief To Growth S2E1

Welcome to the 2nd Season of Inntrospection! You might be thinking, “Why the change in podcast theme, Amy?” Grief comes in many forms from many places and so does growth. You’re about to hear from people from all walks of life who want to teach us how they’ve learned to navigate grief. It’s a sensitive, personal topic. I wanted to start this season by telling you my WHY….